Skookie Update!

I experimented today and thought I'd bring a little skookie hope to those unfortunate readers of my blog who are cast-ironless: skookies can be made into regular cookies without any ill effects!

I decided to make a batch of sourdough bread (but that's another post...) and I needed to use my KitchenAid mixer; however, the bowl was full of skookie dough! So I transfered almost all of the dough into a Tupperware, but was left with about a cup's worth of dough. What to do...what to do?? When life gives you cookie dough, make cookies!

I scooped cookie-sized mounds onto a cookie sheet and cooked them up--12 minutes at 350F. They're not as good without a scoop of ice cream on them, but a tall glass of milk is an acceptable alternative in this situation.


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