Knitty Gritty

Over the holidays I had some spare time, so I figured I'd put it to at least half-decent use; I knitted hats for newborns. Technically, I suppose, it could be called knitting, but in reality it was easier than tying a shoe. I used a hoop loom called the Knifty Knitter, which Grandma bought for J last Christmas. It's essentially a hoop with pegs on it. You wrap yarn around the pegs, then lever one loop over another using the special hook that comes with the kit. J and I mad hats for the family last Christmas, so we were set. But any time I was sitting around this holiday season, chances were good that I had yarn in my hand.

These are six of the hats I made--I even made the pompoms!


The stuff I made was pretty simple. Surfing blindly around the net, I stumbled upon videos by Isela Phelps over at Decor Accents, Inc. She has patterns (some free, others for purchase), videos, and more for hoop looms. I had NO IDEA that you could knit such fancy stuff on a measly little hoop loom! Well now I know!


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