Cauliflower Experts Needed!

One of my holiday must-haves is cauliflower with cheese sauce. I remember my dad making it when I was young, but he passed away many years ago before I was instructed in the art of the cauliflower cheese sauce. I can steam a head of cauliflower--that's not the tough part. I can melt Velveeta and add a little milk to thin it--not too tough either. But whenever I make a Velveeta-based cheese sauce...alas, its charm is fleeting. For after a few minutes, the water trapped in the cauliflower from the steaming process thins the cheese sauce to a milk-like consistency. Eww.

So what am I doing wrong? Is there a special way to prepare the cauliflower? A special recipe for cheese sauce? A proven method for bringing the two together without the cheese getting thick and developing that nasty skin while still in the serving dish? If there are any cauliflower Jedis who read this blog, or if either of my readers (*grin*) know of such a person, please enlighten me.


frizzlefry said…
If I were to try it, which I haven't for a number of years, I would probably steam the cauliflower on a tray above the water level (rather than the traditional method of submerging the stems) and then drain it for a few minutes, adding the cheese sauce after it drips but before it cools.

I've never used Velveeta before though. And I'm no Jedi, even though I have an awesome lightsaber.
Anonymous said…
Brig- he used american cheese.-jenni

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