Cake Balls

I can't remember the site where I first saw these done, but I do distinctly remember seeing them on Bakerella as cakepops. They're small and sweet, perfect for a party or a reception; they're infinitely customizable; and they're easy to make. Here's the basic recipe:

1 13" x 9" cake (made from scratch or from a box)
1 can frosting (or about 2 cups if made from scratch)
1 package chocolate bark coating (if you use regular chocolate, like melted Hershey bars, they will not turn out as well)
1 Tbsp oil or shortening

Make cake according to instructions, cool, then crumble into very fine crumbs in a large bowl. Mix in frosting. Shape into walnut-sized balls, then cool in the freezer for at least an hour--two would be better. Melt the chocolate coating and add oil/shortening, dip cake balls, cool for 15 minutes.

Not rocket science.

The beauty is in the variations. Try some of the following:
  • red velvet cake mix, cream cheese frosting, milk chocolate bark
  • devil's food cake mix, vanilla frosting, milk chocolate bark
  • strawberry cake mix, vanilla frosting, white chocolate bark
  • German chocolate cake mix, pecan coconut frosting, milk chocolate bark
  • chocolate cake mix, vanilla frosting plus peppermint extract, dark chocolate bark
  • chocolate cake mix, chocolate frosting, Andes mints

  • A lot of good tips can be found at
  • Omit oil or shortening, if desired.
  • Some of the cake crumbs will get into the bark, so if you're using white chocolate bark, you may want to thin the coating with 2 Tbsp or so for a first coat, then redip in fresh chocolate.
  • To make cake ball cones, lightly coat the inside of a cake cone with chocolate bark. Cool. Lightly press crumb/frosting mixture into the cone. Dip cake into coating, swirling to coat throughly. Hold cone upside-down for a few seconds to drain, then cool upright. Warning: These are very rich!
  • Some prefer using one-half can of frosting for a more "cakey" ball. Be sure to freeze them until very firm before dipping.


Kimbooly said…
Yeah, I saw this on Bakerella around Valentine's day. And my sister MADE the "Box of Chocolates" cake!

We also have a tradition of making our own cake pans. You just *might* be interested... ; )
Coopers said…
I made some cake balls and cake ball pops tonight! I just need more practice making my lollipops "pretty" like the pictures on the website! A great activity for me to do with my grandkids!

Thanks for the idea!
Brig said…
@Kim: We have a birthday coming up in our family (Spencer) so I might just be making my own pan soon. The link you gave didn't really give you have anything more on making pans?

@Robin: What kind of cake and frosting did you use? How did they turn out?
Coopers said…
I experimented with the Red Velvet and chocolate bark and white bark. I liked your directions better-but just read them! You said to keep them in the freezer for one hour and two hours would be better. On the website it said 15 minutes in the freezer. GEEZ! That little tidbit explains a lot! They tasted great, I guess I'm a little OCD and I wanted the lollipops to "look" better! I'm not the crafty cook like you and Kara! I will make more with my three munchkins who live in town...they think "Grandma" is cool anyway! :)
Coopers said…
Oh...and I used a can of cream cheese frosting!
Teric said…
Mmmmmm those look yummy! Gotta try those...

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