Master Closet Organizer

I've batted around the idea for a few years now of making a closet organizer--I've looked in magazines and Home Centers for ideas, and even fleetingly considered buying manufactured cabinets for it, until I saw 1) the exorbitant price and 2) the shoddy quality. I'm sure that there are nice closet organizers out there, well-built and strong, but I guarantee that they will be lots more expensive than the shoddy ones and I'm too cheap to pay for either. What's left? Do without or build it myself.

So I spent about two hours using Google SketchUp to document a few ideas. I'm still pretty new to SketchUp, and 3D drafting too, so it's nothing glorious but it will be a good rough picture to build detailed plans from. Wish me luck.

Right now, I've got one wire shelf (with attached hanger bar) on each of the two far walls. I plan on taking those out, installing a corner shelf unit, a drawers-and-doors unit, and a few double bars. My side will remain on the right and my wife's side will stay on the left, so I've left a single bar for dresses. Originally, I had intended to make a drawers-and-doors unit on my side against the wall opposite the corner unit; however, there's a whirlpool tub access panel that would block the bottom of the three drawers so I would have to make it shorter. Plus, I think there's enough room in the corner cabinet to put my folded items. I'd much rather have more hanging space.

I have no doubt that plans will change slightly, but I feel confident that the corner unit and the drawers-and-doors will stay the same, although the position of the drawers-and-doors may shift slightly.

I've already got the 3/4" oak-faced plywood for the job. At least, I have three 4'x8' sheets, which ought to do it I think. I'll need to pick up some 1-by solid oak for the drawers and doors, and to face the ply, and some drawer slides and pulls. And a few hanger bars. And figure out a way to mount all this to the wall.


I guess I'd better get to it.


Teric said…
Hey that looks cool, Brig! Post some pics of your work-in-progress as you go.

This is all fascinating--sometimes I wish I were more inclined toward building things out of wood. It's always been a lot of fun when I've done it in the past.
Brig said…
Well so far, these are just plans. Without funding they're going nowhere. :(

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