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You may have caught my award winning* post referring to knitting hats; those hats were knit on hoop looms, which I consider to be like the training wheels of knitting. Now don't get me wrong...there's nothing wrong with training wheels. In fact, they are a godsend for people who need them! And when it comes to can seem rather overwhelming to get started so training wheels can be a good thing. But there comes a point where the adventurous and/or determined souls need to ride on their own two knitting needles, so to speak.

Shortly before Mike was born (about 2 years ago), I resolved to knit him booties and a hat. I hadn't ever knitted with needles before, but I wasn't going to let that stop me. In fact, I was going to jump right to knitting with five needles. In the round. So I found a sock pattern and had a go. They turned out not so bad, although Mike had such big feet when he was born that they only barely fit him. The hat was a bit more complex; it had three colors of yarn, and several different stitch patterns, but with the practice I obtained on the socks, the hatwork wasn't as rough.

I was still knitting the hat while Kara was in labor and finished just before Mike was born. Unfortunately, the hat was way too large for Mike even with as big of a head as he had. So it waited for him to get a bigger head. Just last week--two years after I made his hat--I saw the hat in the closet and tried it on Mike. Yay! It finally fits! Maybe I'll work on sizing my next knitting project better.

*Post did not actually win any awards.


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