100 Pushups - Update

I've had an...interesting few weeks.

Before I left for my camping vacation, I fully intended to continue my pushups for that week.
However, due to varied schedules, all 5 family members sleeping in the same tiny cabin, and really, really dirty floors, I ended up bailing on every single workout. I rationalized, though, since I was getting plenty of exercise hiking and lifting Dutch Ovens.

So I was still recovering physically when we got back on Sunday. Monday and Tuesday I was still recovering. Wednesday through Friday, I was travelling for work and just got lazy; however, I did swim laps for about 15 minutes on Thursday night.

Saturday, my wife and I left for Maine to attend the funeral for her sister, and were in Maine until Thursday. I was just trying to make it through the week without really losing it...and pushups were the last thing on my mind.

So, today I have decided that I will start week 2 over again this next week. I'll do an exhaustion test today or tomorrow (but I can tell you that I'll be exhausted before I start!) and launch into week 2 on Monday. Wish me luck.


Kimbooly said…
What happened to Kara's sister? I'm so sorry to hear she passed away.

As for exercise, my good friends are in the middle of taking their "bowflex challenge," and hubby is posting his weight loss results on their blog at www.theperfectchord.blogspot.com. It's sick how easily guys lose weight, I must say.
Brig said…
We're still waiting for the autopsy report...but we suspect complications with blood poisoning may have contributed.

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