Shower Anagrams

I adore word games. Boggle, Scrabble, Balderdash...all favorites of mine. Perhaps my ebullience was incited by an Etymology class in High School, or perchance the preoccupation is innate. Either way, I like words.

After one of my kids took a shower in my shower, I found tons of those foamy stick-on letters and just had to do something with them. For the last month or so, I've been making anagrams. I've been able to use every letter on the last two or three tries, but it has been challenging. Fortunately, I have some leeway with how I place the letters; for example, the "9" character can be a 9 or a 6, but can also serve as a p, g, q, b, and d. The "W" can serve as a W, M, E, or 3.

So did Barbie really sink logy wasps? I don't know. But if she did, would I be ok with it? Indubitably.


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