Vacation Food - Update

EDIT: The Pseudo-sourdough recipe has been broken out here. I've put it in its own post, with pictures.

The food portion of the vacation went swimmingly, if I do say so myself. The two chicken meals were fantastic--but I had cooked them in dutch ovens before, so they were pretty sure things as far as I was concerned.

I forgot to bring the griddle to cook the pancakes on, so I ended up putting the lower parts of the dutch ovens upside down, putting coals on the tops, and putting the lids upside down over the coals. That heated the lids pretty well (although it took about 15 minutes for them to really get up to a decent cooking heat!). I had supposed that I could cook bacon first and use the residual fat to lube the lids enough so that pancakes wouldn't stick. Guess what? They stuck anyway. Fortunately, I had some cooking spray that I could use. Next time, I'll plan on cooking the bacon on one lid and the pancakes on the other; or better yet, next time I'll bring the griddle!

I had planned on cooking the bread on coals in a 10" dutch oven; however, we were running late that day, and people were getting hungry, so I opted for using the cabin's oven. Unfortunately, the oven was about 50 degrees hotter than it showed on the dial. It's a good thing that I checked the bread half an hour before it should have been ready, or we'd have had more charcoal for the fire! But it came out well notwithstanding the oven problems.


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