100 Pushups - Week 1 Day 3

I had intended to challenge my Scouts at camp on Friday to try to keep up with me on my 15, 13, 10, 10, max (> 15) day but it didn't happen, partly because I forgot and partly because we were pretty busy. So I ended up doing my push ups on Saturday night right before bed--it was really hard to get up the gumption to do them, not only because I was tired, but also because I was afraid that I'd fail. As it turns out, I maxed out at 17 after having about as hard a time doing the sets as I did every other day this week.

So no exhaustion test at the end of this week; next week, I stay in column 3. At the end of next week, though, I do take an exhaustion test. It'll be interesting to see how many I can do in a row then, after two weeks of training.


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