Cub Camp - Day 3 of 4

Okay, I've got to be quick since day 4's camp starts in an hour...

Highlights of day 3 include:
  • More BB gun and Archery range time,
  • Decorating and assembling boats for the raingutter regatta that will be run on day 4,
  • "Sword" duels on a 2x6 plank over water--the loser gets wet,
  • a duel between Gene, the camp director, and me--I won 2 out of 3,
  • and a tremendous water fight/sword fight melee that involved wet car wash sponges, buckets of water, foam pirate swords, and a sprinkler.
I hear that day 4 will bring REAL LIVE pirate reenacters in a sword duel that will blow our minds. We'll see.


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