Cub Camp - Day 4 of 4

Aah, the final day. There were several highlights for the closing day of camp:
  • Pirate reenactors came and told us about life as a pirate and why they joined a pirate crew...and they had a swordfight, too!
  • A raingutter regatta was held, and halfway into it we discovered that the left-side gutter was far slower than the right.
  • The fire department sprayed us all with a water cannon mounted on their fire truck. Lots of screams of delight ensued.
  • We went on a treasure hunt! (When I retrieved the "pirate chest" at the end of the hunt, I took off running, screaming, "Arrr harr harr! I've got all your booty and ye'll never catch me! Harr harr!" Eight screaming kids with foam swords ran after me. I intentionally tripped and was pummeled--almost to bruising!--before I yelled "Arrr! I give up!")
  • We had field games, including various races with other crews.
  • We tried to launch a few more wet sponges with the launchers, but it somehow deterioirated into a water melee with sponges, buckets, and a sprinkler.
All in all, it was a fantastic camp, and Gene Travers (the Camp Captain) and his motley crew deserve huge kudos for a job well done.


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