Cub Camp - Day 1 of 4

The first day of camp was a blast. I didn't see much of J throughout the evening--camp was from 6pm to 9pm--but I heard his yells a few times. Our first activity was coloring bandanas for the Cubs to wear. There were piratey stencils and Sharpie markers--a deadly combination in the hands of 6 and 7 year olds. Not one Cub escaped without permanent damage to their skin color. At the same station, we also made a pirate flag for our "crew."

Next, we went to the games arena and ran the obstacle course, of sorts. The camp organizers had fashioned a boat hull, complete with sail, a moat "lake" water hazard to cross, and a booty-filled beach--that's pirate treasure, not the other kind. So the Cubs had to lower the sail, extend the gangplank, cross the water, grab a treasure chest, walk back over the plank, drop the treasure on the boat, hoist the sail, and enter the "cabin" in as little time as possible. The boys all had a ton of fun with it. And as a neat touch, each treasure chest had a name on it; I saw "Crabby Patties," "Dead Man's Chest," and "My Treasure, Don't Touch."

Next was cannon practice. The Cubs launched soaked sponges into a field using what I know as water balloon launchers--a pocket attached to two lengths of surgical tubing. It was a bit tricky at the start, but once they got the hang of it, those Cubs were really launching those things! The last activity of the evening was the range. All the boys shot BB guns, and most of the boys used bows and arrows--we rand out of time at the end. I was very impressed with the level of safety instruction the Rangemaster gave at both gun and archery ranges. The Cub Rangemaster certification classes must be really good.

There were only two injuries of note that night: a whacked hand and a bit tongue. Both were relatively minor, and neither injury was in my Crew or one of my sons. So as sorry as I was to hear of the injury, I'm glad that my Crew and boys were safe.


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