100 Pushups - Back to Week 4

After I hit my 100 consecutive push ups two weeks ago, I don't think I did a single push up--until today. I was feeling pretty blah again (post-goal letdown?) and needed a new goal. So the new goal is to start from week 4 and go through to week 6, then do 125 push ups without resting.

So today's set was 21, 25, 21, 21, > 32. When I first went through week 4, I was barely able to get the max. Today, I maxed at 45. (The sets have changed a bit since my first time on week 4, but the level of effort is about the same.)

I was curious about what these last few months of push ups had done to my benchpress ability. About 6 months ago, when I was working out with a couple of guys at work (Pete and Will) during lunch, we would bench 2-3 times per week. My max was about 185 on a good day. Today, I ate 185 for lunch and hit 205 with only the barest of help from my spotter, but that was after doing 145 push ups in about 5 minutes. So I'd say that fresh, I could certainly get 205. A 10% bench press improvement? Yeah, I'll take that.

Oh, and now I can officially say that I can bench press more than I weigh.


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