I May Not Be Entirely Right (In The Head)

This weekend, I'm going camping with the Boy Scouts. We had planned this trip for September, and things just kept popping up to put it off later and later...and this is about the latest we could possibly get away with doing it. We're going water skiing. In October. The middle of October.

Now I may not be the brightest bulb, but I know that 65 degree air temp plus 72 degree water temp plus me equals one Brigsicle. Am I going to risk it in order to ski? I'd like to think I will...but I'll have to wait to see how cold that water actually feels. I may just spend a lot of time fishing instead. It'll be chilly enough just sleeping...but getting up early on Saturday morning to get in frigid water, just to be either dragged through the frigid water if I can't get up on the skis, or sprayed with frigid water if I can...

On the bright side, the Scouts picked some good-sounding meals: Mac and Cheese (from semi-scratch), apple crisp, omelets-in-a-bag, and rolls-in-an-orange are some of the ones I'm looking forward to (I'll post the recipes for the ones that turn out okay). But for some reason, they kept on trying to have hot dogs for a meal. What's the deal with that?? Don't they know that the stuff that's in hot dogs will kill you?


So will hypothermia.


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