100 Pushups - I DID IT!

I started a *ahem* 6 week program on June 22nd, with the goal of doing 100 consecutive push ups. In the subsequent 3 1/2 months, I had a brief hiatus and ended up redoing several of the weeks several times. I wanted to do things right, and just wasn't hitting the max sets so I kept repeating that week until I either hit the maxes or got really close.

But this morning, I did it. I hit 100 consecutive push ups! And you know what, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. The week 6 really helped build up the requisite strength and endurance to get through the trial. The mental strength was a bit more difficult to come by, but I'll say that looking at the blogs of some of the people who were also working the program, and the difficulties they had along the path to their hundred really helped me to know that I wasn't alone. The encouragement of you, my friends, and my wife, were also instrumental in the mental preparation to make this happen. So thank you, all.

So what's next?

I figure I'll take the rest of the week off, then next week I'll start on week 4 again. I'll go to week 5, then 6, then try another hundred. Something like that. Something to maintain this strength and--okay, I'll say it--I really like what this program has done for my physique and I want to keep that. And being on the back half of my 30's now, I think that feeling good about the way I look is a good thing.


steve said…
Pleased for you Brig, I really am.

Good plan to go back to Week 4 and repeat Week 5 and 6. Try to add a few to the max set and see where that takes you :)

Good luck!

Kara said…
I'm so proud of you. Hooray!
Roberta said…
Good job! You're an inspiration! Keep up the good work!
Anonymous said…
I would really have liked to seen a video, anyone can claim to do 100 pushups, as seen on YouTube, but they all fall short on form and some even take beaks.

I applaud you on effort, but say BS until I see video. No one on the 100 pushup website has a link to video - I wonder why??? Most have video and pictures of everything else they do in life, but not push ups.
Brig said…
Thank you, Mr. Anonymous Troll. I appreciate your uplifting remarks. It was nerve wracking enough even attempting to do 100 pushups in the first place, but your suggestion that I should have taken video would really have made it a lot easier on me, I'm sure. Because that's why I did it--to show you that I could.

For what it's worth, I took no breaks. I can't really say much about my form though, because after about 80 I was just trying to get to the end.
Amante said…
Brig, thanks for posting your progress of the 100 push up challenge. I'm trying it myself and though it has been hard, reading your blog has helped me to keep at it. Don't worry about that last anonymous comment, they're just jealous they can't do 100 push ups.

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