Down On The Farm

On Saturday, we went to a nearby farm with another family. This farm is set up specifically for kids, with a hay ride, play areas, a petting zoo, a corn maze, and other fun stuff so we thought it would be fun to get out for a while.

Overall, it was pretty fun. Mike's reactions to some of the animals and baby animals was fantastic. He was so excited!

The older boys really got a kick out of this suspended pipe that they could crawl through.

And while we were there, we picked up some apple cider (my favorite!) and a few pumpkins. The two older boys kept grabbing HUGE pumkins and asking "Is this one okay?"
I'd tell them that the one they picked out was "Dad-sized" and to pick another.
"Is this one okay?"
"No, that's Dad-sized, too."
I finally aligned their expectations with reality and we left with two large, orange pumpkins.

The instant we got into the van they started asking, "Can we carve these when we get home?"
"No, that'll be a job for later. Mom and Dad are tired."

The instant we got into the house, they started asking, "Can we carve the pumkins now?"
"No, we'll do that later."
Sigh. "Monday. We'll carve them Monday evening for Family Night."
Guess what I'll be doing tonight.


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