Hammock Camping - Minor Setback

Unfortunately, my hammock ingenuity was too good to last. This last weekend, I set up my hammock between two trees that were about 10 feet apart. That left a lot of slack in the hammock, which is good because you're supposed to lay in them slantwise (this kind, at least). The problem is, that I'm 6'4". Most things just aren't built for my height, including hammocks. So when conditions are IDEAL, I just barely fit slantwise in the hammock. This weekend, conditions weren't ideal.

I unknowingly tied one end of the hammock about 6 inches higher than the other end, which meant that when I layed slantwise about 10 inches of my legs and feet were hanging off the hammock. :( Not exactly comfortable.

The difference between this time and last time was that last time, I set my tripods at exactly the length of the hammock, and tied the hammock tight. Since the tripods were only 5-ish feet off the ground, I needed to have the hammock tight so that my hindparts wouldn't drag on the ground...

It's seeming like every hammock setup is different, so I get to learn something new each time. This time, I learned to either pick trees spaced a little further out or tie both ends at the same height. Last time, I learned that you shouldn't pitch your hammock within a half-mile of train tracks unless you've got really good ear plugs. (I'm a light sleeper.)


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