100 Pushups - Week 5 Day 1 (again)

I did day 1 on Monday at lunch time--I figured I might be too tired at the end of the day if I postponed it. (See I can learn!) The sets were 40, 32, 30, 25, max > 40 with 60 seconds in between sets. And I came pretty darn close, but *ahem* not as close as last week. I mean this week, last time. This second go round with week 5 day 1 went worse than the first go round.

Last time, I was able to get all the sets and maxed at 30. This time, I got all the sets but maxed at 25. *sigh* That seems a bit backward to me. I guess we'll see how day 2 goes.

I might be doing week 5 again. Again.


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