Another Day on the Lake

I had a long week at work this week...a lot of tasks got pushed my way that I wasn't particularly thrilled to see. I'm probably the best one to do them, but that's small consolation. So when I got home on Friday, I just wanted to do something fun. I asked Spence if he wanted to come with me to the lake and maybe try out the collapsible kayak with me. Unfortunately, that sent J into a tizzy because he wanted to come too, but I knew that there wouldn't be enough room for me and J together in that kayak.

Then it hit me: we have an inflatable raft! I'd blown it up once, but never used it on an actual lake before. I supposed that if ever there were a time to use it, then Or however that goes.

We got to the lake, and started paddling out. I used the single oar that came with the kayak, hoping that less water would get into the kayak, which was how it actually worked; however, it was a bit more difficult to steer since I had to switch sides often or use the J-stroke, which saps some of the power of the stroke in order to keep the craft moving straight forward.

Here are a few pics of the kayak assembled:

...and a few pics of happy boaters:
J did an excellent job for his first time rowing!

And Spence had a lot of fun, too.


Kara said…
My boys are so cute...

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