Camp Cooking Success!

At the campout with the Boy Scouts this last weekend, I knew I'd have trouble getting some of the older Scouts there, since it was targeted at advancements that they'd already passed off; but I wanted them to a) review their knowledge and b) get the opportunity to serve other Scouts by teaching what they know. So I bribed them.

One of the younger Scouts needed to cook in order to pass off requirements, but I told them that I'd make a good dessert. I made The Best Dump Cake Ever, with cherry pie filling, chocolate cake mix, Dr. Pepper, butter, and chopped walnuts. It was pretty tight, as those boys say it.

I also made 40 refrigerator biscuits in a 10" dutch oven. To be honest, the biscuits were just as popular as the cake. Admittedly, it's hard to go wrong with the biscuits, but I thought the cake was much better.


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