100 Pushups - Week 5 Day 3 (Fail)

Well, I'm pretty well convinced that I need to take it easy for a week. Today's sets (which I did on Friday) were 18, 18, 16, 16, 14, 14, 12, and max > 40, with 30 seconds between. I got the first 7 without too terribly much difficulty--don't get me wrong, though. They were tough, just not super tough. It was the max set that was...not all there.

Here's a hint to any of you who are either on this hundred push ups program, or thinking about starting it up: Don't do your sets while watching a comedy on TV. I happened to be watching the last episode of season 1 of Arrested Development while working out on Friday night. As it turns out, I was at number 20 on my max set when a particularly obscure and hilarious joke unfolded and I fell to the ground, laughing and aching. I don't think I could have gotten more than about 25 total, but I'm going to blame it on the TV instead of my pudding-like triceps.

So next week, I'm going back to the comparatively easy week 2. I'm hoping that it'll be enough to keep me in the game, so to speak, but not so much that I can't take this next week to recover from hitting the push ups so hard for the last 4 weeks or so. Then I'll do an exhaustion test at the end of the week and see where I'm at and take it from there.


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