100 Pushups - Week 6 Day 1 (take two!)

Last week's version of week 6 was...not great. It was rather depressing, actually. Day 1 was rough, and instead of maxing at 55, I maxed at 45. Granted, that was after doing 100 push ups in only two sets, with one minute between sets, then doing 65 more in two more sets. But I can be disheartened because I didn't live up to some imaginary standard set by someone I don't know, which wasn't really meant for me but for some superhuman idealized person, can't I? After all, this is America.

This week is starting just as poorly. After today's set, I felt like I'd been dragged Indiana Jones-style behind a car for a few miles of gravel road. Day 2 might be a bit better though; even though it has more sets, the reps are fewer. We'll see.

And congrats to Scott, who got off his butt today at lunch and joined me at the gym. Good on ya, mate!


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