Halloween Costumes

For the most part, there are clear divisions of responsibility in my household. Spencer cleans out the silverware from the dishwasher, J cleans out the plate and cup racks. I support the family, Kara pays the bills. I take the boys to Scouts and make sure they're progressing, Kara goes to Parent/Teacher conferences and makes them do their homework. I put up the holiday decorations, and I take down the holiday decorations. And I do the costumes for halloween too, or the boys would be math students for Halloween or something cheesy like that.

I asked the two talking boys what they wanted to be for Halloween. (Mike doesn't have a choice; he's going to be a pumpkin again.) J wants to be a chicken. Spence wants to be an "Army Guy." I assume that means a soldier of some sort. It would be fun to make him a Captain, allowing him to be another "Captain Cook."

I've already got ideas mulling around in my cranium for J. Spence might be a bit more difficult, but I think I'll be able to work it out okay.

Anyone know where I can get 5 lbs of yellow feathers?


Kara said…
A math teacher, not a math student and what's so cheesy about that? I think it's a good costume.
Kimbooly said…
I like the idea of a math teacher! Easy to do, because it requires no costume, you just say, "I'm a math teacher."

As for the feathers, two words: "Michaels" & "Joanns." Ok, two more words: "clearance sales"

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