100 Pushups - Week 5 Day 2 (sort of again?)

Well, I suppose it's not technically the second time through for W5 D2 since I didn't do it right the first time through. The sets were 20, 20, 18, 18, 15, 15, 14, max > 40 with 45 second intervals. I ended up doing 1 minute intervals because it was easier to set my watch to a minute.

Up until the max set, I was doing okay--it was a serious effort to get through the second 18 and the two 15s, but the 14 wasn't bad. But that max set...ohhh. I hit 25 and collapsed.

I wonder if I am experiencing a phenomenon that Kara described as relating to marathons. If you run, say, a 3 hour marathon, chances are it's going to hurt. But if you run an 8 hour marathon, it's probably going to hurt for longer just because of the duration of the pounding your body receives. Well that's not a very scientific explanation or analysis on my part, but I wonder if I'm...overtraining? By repeating several of the weeks, have I been overworking my shoulders, triceps, pecs, and hit a point of diminishing returns?

I know that the first few weeks/months of a diet that it isn't uncommon to see large losses that, as the weeks and months go on, taper off. So I shouldn't be discouraged that I'm not making the leaps forward in strength over the last two weeks that I saw in the first four or so. But I just don't seem to be fitting into the mold of the program and wonder if it's a fault with me or a fault with the program. I'd like to assume it's the program, but I doubt that it can shoulder the whole blame. Or even half. Maybe a third. Either way, it looks like I've still got a long road ahead of me. *sigh*


Kara said…
If you are thinking in terms of marathon training, it might do you well to have a down week, where you significantly back off before building up again.

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