New Keyboard

I just got a new gadgety thing in today's post: a wireless keyboard for my Palm TX! It's not quite what I expected--I mean, who really considers IR to be "wireless networking" nowadays anyway? IR is so 5 years ago.

Anyhow, I think it's working swell for what it is, and including shipping, it only cost me $20, so that's pretty nice. Plus, it seems to be a whole lot faster than the newest Grafiti handwriting recognition system that comes on Palms nowadays. They've "dumbed down" the original Grafiti since the days of the Palm III. I really liked the Grafiti on my Palm V. This just seems like a step backward. Plus, even though the processor speed is faster than on my older Palms, the Grafiti seems to lag much more than they ever did.

Well, mayhap this new pocket-sized keyboard will be good. I'm, once again, cautiously optimistic.


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