100 Pushups - Week 3 Day 1 (again!)

Well, I knew I'd be doing week 3 again...but I hoped it wouldn't suck as bad. Well, I was right on one of the two.

Today was 25, 17, 17, 15, max > 25. I knew I'd be in trouble on the max set when my arms started shaking on the second 17 set. When I was sweating at 12 of 15, I figured I was doomed. But somehow, through either supreme mind over matter or channeling a bit of Arnold (it's not a tumah!) I squeezed out every single bit of 25 push ups on that max set. Well, mayhaps "every single bit" is misleading. My body was straight, but maybe, just maybe, those last 15 or so weren't quite as low as they should have been. Perhaps.

And it is entirely conceivable that the only reason why I was able to hold up my weight at all was that I waited two minutes before the last set instead of the recommended one...but really now, who's counting? I mean except me. Hey, it says right on the hundredpushups.com web site "rest 60 seconds between each level (longer if required)" so I guess technically it's all good, right? I would imagine that resting, say, 30 minutes between sets rather negates some of the muscular benefits from doing one set right after the other, but is still technically within the letter of the plan. Not that I'd do that, but it's nice to know the letter of the law sometimes, don't you think?

Next week, unless something horrendous happens later this week, I'll go on to week 4.


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