Even More Shower Anagrams

What might one receive after a gruelling day of shopping on Rodeo Drive? Probably some pretty posh battle wounds...

...and if I gave birth to a huge troll, I don't think I'd pay my OB bills either!

So challenge me: What word or subject should I use in a future shower anagram?


Kimbooly said…
Hey, random question. Does Kara have a blog?

Oh, yes, and, if so, what is it?
Brig said…
Hijacking my blog, eh? No, she doesn't have a blog. And the address is http://not.my.blog.com/ ;)
Teric said…
Possible subjects for shower anagrams:

Indiana Jones
Kimbooly said…
What if you try to get Indiana Jones cooking candy?

Kara doesn't have a blog? She needs to get with the program (says Kimberly who joined bloggerdom about, eh, two weeks ago).

I'd be interested if there really was a not.my.blog blog. *grin*
Brig said…
She finally got with the program. Check the links on my blog page.

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