100 Pushups - Week 4 Day 1

Finally! Week 4! The sets for today were 27, 20, 20, 17, max > 27, with 1 minute in between.

I have come to the conclusion that push ups, like life in general, are harder on Mondays. This one measly stinkin' minute between sets almost did me in today. As it was, I was struggling to get the 17 set in so I gave myself 2 minutes before the max set. I just barely made that max set, and I mean by the skin of my teeth. But 27 is 27, right? And they were *cough* mostly *cough* good form push ups.

For any of y'all who are keeping track, today's total number of push ups was 111, which is also a palindrome. Friday's total will be 129! Yeesh!

I ordered a shirt from the hundredpushups.com store the other day, and wore it to the gym for the first time today. I intentionally got a medium so that it would fit snug, but not too tightly. :) One of the guys that works out at the same time I do--I see him around quite a bit--said that I was "looking big." He made my week. Although, now that I think of it, he very well may have said that I was looking "fig," as in seedy and rather purple. I hope it was the former. But after doing today's sets, I probably was rather purplish. *sigh*


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