Grilled Salmon

I've been grilling a lot lately, mostly due to the excellent new grill Kara got me for Father's Day. It's a Weber Q 320, and it makes grilling so easy a caveman could do it, or something like that. The cast-iron grill leaves the most beautiful grill marks, it's easy to regulate the temperature, there's an outer burner and a center burner that allow for excellent heat management... She did a splendid job on the selection.

So I asked Kara a few months ago to pick up some fish for dinner. Before we had the grill, I would have pan-seared it, ala Alton Brown. After hearing how fish is so tricky to grill (because it likes to stick to the grill, due to its low fat content, I'd imagine) I was a bit nervous to try it, but with as flawlessly as my grill had performed, I figured I'd give it a shot.

First, I hit the salmon with a shot of non-stick spray. (AB recommends adding a bit of oil when cooking meats in order to promote browning and to help prevent sticking.) I sprinkled the fish with some kosher salt and ground on some pepper, then flipped and sprayed, salted, and peppered it, too. I slapped it on the grill, waited about 5 minutes, flipped it, waited another 5-7 minutes, and pulled it onto a rack to rest for a minute or two. My family loved it. I did the same thing tonight.

My kids always ask for seconds when I grill salmon, and sometimes ask for thirds. I gave J an approximately 8 oz piece for starters tonight and he wolfed it down in record time, then asked for more. In fact, he asked for more fish before he asked for more Kool-aid! And Spence wasn't far behind him. Mike was in a green bean mood, though, so he wouldn't even touch the salmon. Oh well. Two out of three kids ain't bad.


Kimbooly said…
Uh, you have three children? Wow, am I behind the times! Will you direct me to a post with an updated family pic, or provide one?

Oh, and thanks for letting me know Kara has a blog. Woohoo! My prayers were answered...or something like that. *chuckle*
Kara said…
Yes...very delicious indeed.
Brig said…
Check my profile pic! That was last year. We'll try to get new ones soon...

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