100 Pushups - Week 5 Day 3

I really need to stick to my schedule in these last weeks. I went out to eat on Friday with some friends at work and therefore didn't do push ups at lunch as I usually do. I thought it would be okay if I pushed them back (Heh. Pun intended.) to Friday night after the kids went to bed. For several reasons, including my faulty memory, that didn't happen.

Then, I thought I might do them Saturday morning but I took the older two boys on a hike instead. Saturday night at 9:45pm I remembered that I still hadn't done week 5 day 3's push ups and that week 5 was rapidly drawing to a close. *sigh* So I did them. It was sloppy, and painful, and ugly. I'd had a long day and was not feeling especially peppy to start with. The set sounded innocent enough, but was pretty brutal.

The set for day 3 is 18, 18, 16, 16, 14, 14, 12, max > 40 with only 30 seconds between sets. Sets 1-4 weren't too bad, but the 14s were really hard. The 12 I was able to bash my way through, but I had nothing left for the max set; I hit 20 and gave up partly because I knew I'd be doing this week again and partly due to sheer exhaustion. It was a rather disappointing week for pushing up for me. But I kept at it, and I will continue to keep at it.


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