100 Pushups - Week 4 Exhaustion Test & Musings

I was planning on doing my exhaustion test tonight after I put the boys to bed, but sometimes my Sabbath "day of rest" is anything but...and I figured I'd need to be at least somewhat rested to come anywhere close to 50 push ups. So this morning, after breakfast, I went up to my room to get some privacy, and started psyching myself up.

Since both of my older boys were already awake and downstairs, I figured they'd be asking questions, running around, bickering with each other, etc., and that I'd have to stop halfway through my set and separate them. Not exactly an environment conducive to concentration. There was only one unforeseen problem: the carpet in my bedroom is a bit less worn that the carpet in my living room, and is a bit more slippery. So when I was "resting" between push ups (forming an upside-down U with my hindparts in the air), my hands were sliding away from my feet and apart from each other. Again, not exactly an environment conducive to concentration.

I maxed at 55 push ups today, and I think I might have had another 5 to 7 in me somewhere, had I been able to concentrate better. Either way, I still think Monday is going to...how shall I say it? "Whip my hud?" That's probably sufficient.

On a separate but related note, I've been reading some of my fellow hundred push ups challengers and have felt rather inadequate. There are men (and women!) who have been maxing at 50-60 push ups every day since week 2. Meanwhile, I've been barely eeking out the minimum maximum. It's been rather disheartening, to say the least. Then, I read Steve Speirs' blog and started feeling a bit better about myself.

You might expect that the guy who runs the hundredpushups.com website would be a push up God...but (and no offense to you if you read this, mate) he's just a regular guy like me. He has had to repeat a week, he maxes out at around the recommended max, and he struggles with the sets sometimes. Steve, you may not know me from Adam, but I've got to thank you. You've helped me realize that this program is attainable for us humans.


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