100 Pushups - Week 3 Day 2

Before I started it, I thought today's workout would kill me. It turns out it wasn't so bad! Tough, sure, but not as gruelling as I had envisioned that it could be. The set was 27, 19, 19, 15, max > 25, with 90 second breaks in between. The 27 wasn't so bad, the 19s were tough, and the 15 almost didn't happen. But I waited 180 seconds before the max set--I figured that waiting double the time was better than getting maxing out at 5 pushups!--and was able to get 21! All in all, I did... drumroll please!... 101 pushups! And as encouraging as that sounds, I am painfully (stress the "pain" part of that) aware that I've got some work to do before I am anywhere near 100 consecutive.

Oh, and now everyone from my gym knows that I'm working towards the hundred. I'm not sure if that's good or bad.


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